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An alternative view of Ataturk

05.10.2016 - Following a meeting with a new esteemed Turkish friend, it was suggested this post may be inappropriate to align myself with. This is my personal chronicling of allegations that have come to my attention. It is not my view. It illustrates that I have at least explored these ideas. It is each individual's responsibility to think for themselves....

Be in no doubt, Ataturk can be considered a controversial character. Those who like him tend to adore him. Those who are not so fond of the man can tend toward loathing. The following information presents alternative views and not necessarily the views of NPP, as some responses seem to think...

I first pained Ataturk as a fun challenge and then clients paid me to do it again and again. I like the words I have read attributed to Ataturk. Rarely have I found the principles of a world leader which make as much common sense regarding day to day life. Indeed, I find some of his sayings excellent rules for life. However, there are alternative views; I have read and heard all kinds of allegations pro and against Ataturk and I want to outline some here.

For example, there are suggestions he was interested in the legend of the Ancients of Mu; Mu is the name of a hypothetical lost continent, which is thought to have been located in the Pacific Ocean before it sank beneath the waters, similar to Atlantis and Lemuria, with which it is sometimes identified. In the late 1930s, Ataturk promoted research on Mu and other lost continents, in the hope of establishing connections between the Turkish civilization and other ancient cultures, such as the Uyghur, India, Maya and Aztecs. For me this is most interesting, for others utter nonsense.

There are those who suggest he was a mason along with other historical luminaries...

Some believe he destroyed the Turkish culture and others who believe he helped galvanise it.

Some believe he is was the antithesis of a pious Muslim religion, others have suggested to me he was directly descended from the Prophet Mohammed.

So, there are many contradictions and accusations, hence it is appropriate to include the alternative viewpoint. It is a fact that to express anti-Ataturk sentiment has been punishable under Turkish Republic law and this is something I feel strongly against. Indeed, the current PM Erdogan was imprisoned for speaking publicly against the secular republic using religious overtones. Of course, his imprisonment probably helped galvanise support for his later election as PM. Bans and prohibition are such ridiculous policies.

The following text is adapted from an article by By Hillel Halkin, titled:
"It's My Secret Prayer, Too," He Confessed
published 28 January 1994 in New York based Jewish newspaper The Forward
It is alleged that Ataturk was of Spanish Jewish Ancestry; his ancestors fled Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. So called Zionist Rabbi Dr. Joachim Prinz writes about the secret Jewish community of Selanik, where Mustafa Kemal was born...
It is suggested that many of the policies of Ataturk support claims that he was Jewish and that these 'secret Jews', known as Doenmehs, took over the Ottoman Empire, disintegrated it, and then established the new Turkish Republic regime. Mustafa Kemal, was allegedly an ardent Doenmehjew. In order to conceal his Doenmeh identity, he adopted the last name of "Ataturk", which means "Father of Turks" and Turkey is still ruled and governed by this secret Jews curriculum taught in schools today as fabricated by the newly established Jewish and freemasonic regime. After 'Jewish dictator' 'British agent' Mustafa Kemal and his followers took over the power in Turkey in 1923, they abolished the Caliphate, outlawed the Islamic alphabet, turned Mosques into museums, banned women from wearing the hijab and Islamic dress code, executed many Muslims under disguise of westernization and advancement, gave non-Muslim minorities their full freedom; encouraged and even forced Muslims to imitate western people. These reforms were orchestrated by higher Jewish and western powers manipulating agent Ataturk, since he was was merely a puppet in the hands of powerful Zionists. Once the students graduate from the high school or university, they are impelled to admire and respect Ataturk to such an extent, they do not even question his reforms nor dare to do so due to the state laws.

However, I will end this post with a quote by Ataturk:
“Our religion is the most reasonable and natural of all, and that is the reason why it is the most recently established religion. For a religion to be natural it must conform to reason, science, technology and logic. Our religion fully conforms to all of these.” Ataturk c.1923

You make your own mind up.

13.02.2016 - Talk:Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, including a controversial one or two...
Mustafa Kemal apparently exposed:
Actually, how can you make up your mind any better than I can? How do I know what is reliable and accurate information or not? I am noting this information in order when appropriate persons are available to ask and discuss, I can do so.

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